November 13, 2019

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Why do we always become disappointed when people don't meet our expectation's?

In my opinion, I feel that we want a friend or a potential mate to fulfil our happy ideals we've programmed in our minds that will make us happy. This is a hard habit to change and if you don't change it, it will become part of your personality. Of course, we like what we like and we want and need what we want and need but we don't know if that person will fulfill our exact ideals and that is a lot of pressure to put on yourself isn't it? 

So, why don't you enter someone else's space with a neutral feeling, for example; you meet a potential mate and he or she is so far what you like, instead of getting upset when they don't do what you like, why not just enjoy who they are and appreciate all their qualities that you can discover at that moment? At the end of the day, you don't know what that person will symbolize in your life so, just appreciate who they are and be happy with...

August 21, 2019

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My answer is yes....When you ask a person a question and they look into your eyes, how can you tell they're lying? Pupil's dilating? Body language, like, twitching, blinking, looking to the left or right? I mean, you can be a good liar and master those techniques but here is my take on telling if someone is lying... Your spirit will give your answer, it never leaves you stranded. Pay attention to your inner voice, looking into someone's eyes and aligning your spiritual intuition with it will be your ultimate answer you will be comfortable with.

July 10, 2019

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This talented individual is a makeup artíst and skin care specialist. She has worked on celebrities and individuals who were interested in magnifying their beauty. We can trust Sofia's skills and beautified eye to tailor a glamorous or natural look.

Sofia has had a passion for Beauty and Make-up since she was a young girl. She writes, "I'm inquisitive and have always educated myself on different aspects of beauty and make-up. Ratio and symmetry always intrigued me so, I created balance and perfection. As my passion grew stronger, I would apply my knowledge and experience on new individual projects. I want to continue inspiring, creating and impacting the beauty industry with my abilities and techniques furthermore, helping people achieve their skin care and beauty goals."

"My Beauty Tip? Please make skin care your #1 priority, along with your wellness."

"The best prepped canvas is the foundation to your painting"

Beauty by Sofia provides a customized skin care and make-up prescription to e...

May 15, 2019

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When you avoid confronting your truths you suffer more in the long run. I consider myself a very straight forward person, those who know me know that I'm not afraid of facing my fears, confronting anything or telling it the way it is. "The truth hurts" yes it does... and it will hurt more if you don't correct your behviour or the things that you do that are wrong or just not aligned with the good way a human being should be.(positivie frequency) In this life, you can't tailor the truth or make your own convenient version of it. There is only one way, the way that feels right, the way that aligns with your spirit, the honest and genuine way. Your spirit has a way of letting you know if what you're doing is right or wrong.

This life is very short, to be living it to make others happy or to satisfy what your ego wants. Never sacrifice your happiness to someone else happy, you are important too.

Have you ever been happy and lived a fulfilled life that you can say your satisfied wit...

April 20, 2019

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"Life," this word extends beyond the topics of life that I usually write about, I want to talk about an influential young lady named Jessie who dedicates her life to caring for animals. Why is she influential?

I believe she is influential amongst a world that runs on materialism, of such worldly items that we chase that only leave us wanting more. I stop and think to myself, "what makes us not want more?"  "where is the sustainable feeling of peace that we hear about?"  It's in serving others....

This young lady not only gets up at 4am in the morning to care for her farm animals, she also goes to school an attends to her personal growth, it is to my admiration that her humanitarianism extends beyond her studies. She and her family rescue farm animals in America that have been abused or neglected, she also rescues domesticated animals, she actually has 4 dogs and 2 cats! koodos to her!

You must wonder what it takes to care for farm animals on a daily basis? We...

December 22, 2018

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I want to share a few thoughts I had this evening about the word freedom. this word represents freeing yourself from your old ways of thinking, feeling and living. You're a vivacious light with many gifts and perhaps your past ways have encaged you and have taken away from your light. It's time to break free from your old chains and walk in a different light, explore new ideas, let go of past hurtful relationships or situations and learn to not let anything or anyone consume you into negativity. This upcoming year is for you to flourish in many ways you have not known yourself to.

Ignite your mind to start thinking of the cage you've allowed yourself to fall into and assess yourself to see if you deserve to be there, chances are you don't. This time is for you to cleanse yourself from old habits, relationships that don't make you grow, people who are envious of you and don't bring you up and enhance your character. I've had my experiences with this I've learned a lot from letting go and...

December 19, 2018

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Who do you look up to?  Figure out why and then determie if she or he will make your life better. I'm talking about people in your personal circle as well as celebrities. The people in your personal circle have direct impact on your life because they see you and talk to you more frequently than a famous person. Take their constructive criticism as admiration and guidance, if they're your friend too, chances are they admire you in many ways too, it's all in the delivery. Sometimes tough and sometimes sweet, take it all in.

October 17, 2018

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How would you like to be remembered? Write your own obituary and live it.  To really see how you would like your life to be write down. Imagine, you could tailor your life the way you would want it, you may dsicover your potential and journey. 

September 5, 2018

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I can't stress how important it is to have confidence in yourself, belief or self assurance, whatever you may call it. It is essential to breathe confidence in everything you do, in many ways you are your own pillar. 

Yes, we need a good support team behind us to give us that push when we make mistakes and we also need those supportive individuals to continue giving us the clarity we might lose along the way because of negative residue that we collect along our journey, but we also need our self confidence that acts without someone telling us to. Knowing who you are without hesitation, meaning, what kind of qualities you have that make up your character and personality, knowing what skills you possess that mould you into being that talented being that you are. That is where your self confidence starts to create the type of person that you are.  Do not let anyone tear those gifts away from you, they take time to build and a lifetime to maintain.  As long as you are certain and clear...

July 27, 2018

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Do you feel good being nice to people? Being positive an genuine towards other people brings the best out of you. You can walk away feeling greater and finding out the strengths that you didn't know you had.  

Do you like being a schmuck? Even though you might feel like being one towards someone who very well deserves it, you won't be feeling any better afterwards. Not only will you be overworked by negative energy, you won't excel mentally and you're undermining yourself as a person.  

If you want to get your point across, use constructive critisim and honesty to deliver your thoughts and feelings. Some people who are condescending might think that the other person may not realize how you are feeling but you are wrong, most people can at the very least grasp your energy.

Your emotions are very powerful, they can take over your sense of logic and turn you into a schmuck at times or a hopeless romantic but we hope it's for that latter. If you don't discipline your emotions and think when y...

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