November 3, 2017

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We all journey through life but we don't experience the joys of it at the same time.  Don't pressure yourself with societies "must do's" or their stereotypes and what someone hasn't done and what that makes you look and feel like. Continue on your path with optimism and happiness, people will have their ideals and opinions about life but, as long as your plans are positive and healthy along the way so, don't mind what people will say about yours.  We live in different times, as we are bombarded with different expectations and lifestyles, getting through all of your wants and needs can be challenging. 

People get married at different times, as they do have children. I know many people who have worked so hard for many years to start their family life at a later time.

We don't always have the precise blueprint for our lives and may encounter pitfalls that can slow our plans down but that doesn't make us any different or odd, so keep working at your dr...

October 20, 2017

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Is there someone special out there for you? The answer is, of course!  They appear in your life in different forms like, a pet, friend, companion, steadfast advisor, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or just a person that is there to help you in any way possible. Embrace the connection, we were meant to spread our good energy and help others, it helps us stay humble and grow into quality people. We all have a special gift that we were born with and wisdom we have acquired through our journey through life that can help others.  

Keep your spirit open and embrace the goodness in everyone and help heal those you see that need a boost of your gift, they did appear in your life for a reason, find out why! 

July 4, 2017

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Happiness means something different for each person, depending on your up bringing, your mentality and outlook on life.  Some people feel that happiness is the fulfillment of family life without needing the superficialities that life offers. Some people feel that happiness is having the abundance of materialistic tangibles and their second source of happiness is building a family life. Whichever order people view their happiness is their happiness. Does happiness come in a certain order? I don't think so, I believe it's subjective. As such is passion, we can find our passion (our happiness) in anything we choose.  As long as we are fulfilled we can find our happiness and find passion in it. We can attain complete happiness in our whole life as long as we are satisfied with what is in it and how we live it without comparison to anyone else's ideals.  

May 25, 2017

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Friendship's make up a large portion of our life, its journey's and how we progress and regress within it. Who we choose to associate and build healthy influential relationship's with will dictate who we become and how we achieve our goals. It's very important to have positive influential relationship's in our lives, they do mirror who we are and how we feel about certain issues in our lives. They can be our greatest supporter's or our greatest negative supporter's, as such we call them "haters" in the new age of development. We can have many positive people in our lives but we can also have few ultimate friends that will sacrifice anything for us, these are the quality of individual's we need to be around to align our energy to our goals. As long as we stay in a positive circle, manifesting positive outcomes we will become better individual's ourselves. 

Like minded people tend to achieve the same types relationship's and goals whether, they are negative or positive...

May 16, 2017

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A great question from a viewer. Topic was "Dilemma" I Thought about answering this question carefully and how I could address it precisely without knowing any specifics.

When we analyze this question, its context could mean different things however, if we answer this question as it's asked we can sincerely say that, we are faced with reality when we align common sense and logic.  Some people think common sense is subjective, I believe our common sense is derived from our senses, those senses that we feel that allow us to differentiate right from wrong, we also apply our logic with these same sense but in a more scientific matter.  We use the term "align our words with our actions" to come to a more honest place and a place of more factual clarity.  If we believe something isn't working, we are sensing more negative outcomes and feelings from the action that is making us feel this way.  Although, we would like to feel positive about our plans, our actions or the actions performed towards...

April 26, 2017

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Some people say "people don't change." I believe they do. I believe you can be good and turn bad or be bad and turn yourself back to good. If you heighten your sense of awareness, you'll be able to recognize your bad habits and the areas in your life that need polishing. In beginning of your young life, when we were little we were all good, then as life moulded us we adopted other peoples bad habits or good ones which, made us change. Analyze at which point triggered your change and the reasons for it, whether its good or bad.

People might say, "we are all different." I agree that we are however, we all still have goodness inside us, and we should remain good. Increase your positivity in your life and sharpen your great qualities, sweep away the negative ones that undermine you, and embrace your true character and being.

April 25, 2017

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At an early stage in our young lives we think about what we want to be when we grow up, some of us stick to that vision and some us change our minds multiple times afterwards. For many of us, we can figure this out in our twenties make a decision and stick to it in hope that it will come to fruition and create some stability in our lives. For others, they are indecisive and can become stagnant not knowing which path will be the most suited for the type of lifestyle they want to pursue, its ok to be indecisive. its also ok to pursue a career and then not be happy with it later on. The fact is, we are made up of many talents and abilities, we are a creative specie with different potentials and we are allowed to get to know ourselves. 

We have our academic abilities, we have our talents and our creative side, we can evolve into different people and to our astonishment we can become very diverse with life.

What do you like to do as hobby? try it. What stimulates you? Conq...

April 19, 2017

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We all have our opinions and insights on different topics of life, the way we communicate can ensure we don't offend anyone and can still respect everyone's mind and interpretation on all kinds of issues. Its all about the delivery! For example, if someone says "I like black coloured lipstick" for some of us, our response might be "oh god no!" and for those who love wearing this shade will find this offensive. In order to share our thoughts in a conversation with one or more persons such as this, we should communicate it this way, "I prefer Red" or "My favourite colour is Pink," perhaps complimenting this individual by saying "Black lipstick looks great on you." Its all about the delivery, thinking about how the person would feel if you said this and hearing it in your mind before speaking or writing it, will ensure everyone is respected and their feelings are considered.

In the end, we are all different and have different personalties, preferences and life experienc...

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