November 13, 2019

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Why do we always become disappointed when people don't meet our expectation's?

In my opinion, I feel that we want a friend or a potential mate to fulfil our happy ideals we've programmed in our minds that will make us happy. This is a hard habit to change and if you don't change it, it will become part of your personality. Of course, we like what we like and we want and need what we want and need but we don't know if that person will fulfill our exact ideals and that is a lot of pressure to put on yourself isn't it? 

So, why don't you enter someone else's space with a neutral feeling, for example; you meet a potential mate and he or she is so far what you like, instead of getting upset when they don't do what you like, why not just enjoy who they are and appreciate all their qualities that you can discover at that moment? At the end of the day, you don't know what that person will symbolize in your life so, just appreciate who they are and be happy with...

December 19, 2018

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Who do you look up to?  Figure out why and then determie if she or he will make your life better. I'm talking about people in your personal circle as well as celebrities. The people in your personal circle have direct impact on your life because they see you and talk to you more frequently than a famous person. Take their constructive criticism as admiration and guidance, if they're your friend too, chances are they admire you in many ways too, it's all in the delivery. Sometimes tough and sometimes sweet, take it all in.

June 8, 2018

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Just because you get along doesn't mean your compatible for a relationship.  There are many facets to

​a relationship that creates a flow of compatibility, we think we know all the secrets until we analyze our own mistakes and realize what was important to have in our relationship. 

Having respect for each others ideas, feelings, thoughts and opinions are crucial to strengthening each others confidence. Feeling comfortable addressing your thoughts without judgement or criticism is important if you want to have a long lasting relationship. 

Many people don't understand that a relationship consists of various facets and if you fall short on any of them, you're headed for a potential demise in your relationship.

Just like sex, romance, respect, kindness, compassion, vivaciousness, patience, devotion, loyalty and commitment are all important however, many people can't keep up with all of them. Each and every one of these can be touched everyday at some point just by thinking about the other pe...

April 10, 2018

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People just don't understand that dating isn't so simple. It takes more than just a connection, it's a balance in several facets of your life, that ned to align to have that great connection and then geezez, the chemistry, that has to be the icing on the cake. 

Patience is a virtue when you're dating, having respect for the other persons feelings and being mature about what the other person needs in a relationship.

As you get older your needs will be more and and your criteria will be more defined when you're searching,  when you're young your needs aren't that clarified because you don't have that much experience yet but as you've grown into you're own person and you know what you like and don't like and will or will not accept then the criteria gets longer.

Remember, you don't owe anyone anything beyond respect and maturity, so don't feel like you're obligated to someone emotionally, just be straight forward and mature. You will find that per...

January 16, 2018

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Everyone approaches this union with a different mindset, some people marry because they want to have a family and a religious commitment is their choice. Some people get married to satisfy societies expectations and they do not evaluate regard the relationships compatibility at the beginning. 

If the relationship is great at the beginning and afterwards you disconnect, it's time to assess what went wrong, you went into the legal tie and religious union with a good heart, don't be so hard on yourself. Every relationship goes through its hurdles, it's up to you how you address your issues and how much love and devotion you have for your partner, will determine the outcome of your relationship. At least you didn't get

married because it was a good opportunity or because you followed other people's advice or direction.  

Lets not even talk about if you have kids... I mean, if you find yourself struggling through your marriage and you have kids, you're in a more difficult situation....

November 7, 2017

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This is an interesting topic, the reasons won't be the same for every man because they all have different flaws, qualities and personalities but we will get through as much we can.

1. Men are attracted to the wrong person.

Everyone wants what's trending now and with women that's what's happening. So what's trending? Money grabbers, women who want rich men and a high calibre lifestyle. If you're not into that then you're headed for disaster. You can't change someones likes and wants, if they're looking to pursue someone of this nature then you'll have to live up to that or the relationship will end quick.

Look for someone like yourself, with the same interests and outlook in life, I think you can sift through people without getting too far into a conversation. We all want what is attractive to the eye, or whatever everyone else has but maybe that isn't what will make you happy in the end. Don't waste your time and energy on someone who wants your money first or interested in what you can o...

September 28, 2017

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Don't lead a man a on. In every sense of the word. This goes for women as well but I will be discussing men's circumstances.

To get straight to the point, don't sleep with a man until you know you are content with his personality and lifestyle. This obviously requires maturity and if you are not equipped with that quality then do not date anyone. People's feelings are extremely important, it does not matter what gender they are, what is important is that, the people in your life will mould you in some way, positively or negatively. Why not spare them your insecurities? 

As they say "friend zone," well, stay there until you can maturely and consciously move forward to the next level where you can provide the other person with the fundamentals of a relationship. It really is not that hard, if you can think and feel without your ego/selfishness first. 

My second point is, make it clear that you would like to get to know that person first with...

August 16, 2017

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Here's a personal story that I want to share with you guys, regarding the do's and dont's of social media.

The choices we make will determine how someone you're dating or interested in might look at you differently. 

So, this guy I met through social media (we will call him "Brad the brat") was interested in getting to know me. When I looked at his instagram profile, he looked decent and seemed like a nice guy. I went through his followers and following list to see if I knew anyone or what kind of people he was also interested in. I have to admit, he followed a lot of provocative women and most were all half naked lol. I found this a bit of a turn off as I'm not interested in men like that, who have no discretion, so that was a red flag for me. 

I asked him about it and he said "they're not half naked " lol another red flag, 

The following week I noticed he started following a friend of mine which, I thought was another red flag since he was interested in dating me, why...

May 5, 2017

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We have all had those moments or situations where we encounter a person that is negative. Its very difficult to maintain composure in these types of circumstances, we may also be experiencing some turbulent moments in our own lives to be having to deal with other people's issues however, its inevitable, we will have to face them anyway. Listen to the solution behind the issue, but most of all feel compassion. Energetically, the feeling of compassion is very powerful, it can deflect negativity and allow you to think positively, it allows you to think of the other person and not yourself. When you need to be a listening ear or control a situation, being compassionate is the key to a successful outcome with negativity. There will be situations that we will have no solution and are reaching there boundaries of abusiveness, in these situations you may throw a "life line" to that person so they can be aware of their behaviour and if they override that then you exit the situation. Patience is...

April 30, 2017

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We are just not on the same frequency.  Many of us have different reasons or excuses as to why we cheat although, everyone's lives are different, we may think that our situations are unique. The emotions that we encounter through these life changing situations are the same. Those emotions are fear, loneliness, boredom or insecurity.  Over time, the excuses become the reasons of our actions when we don't deal with our underlying issues, and we all have them. We just become complacent because of fear or insecurity and we store them away. Perhaps we need someone to "fill in our gap" in any way possible to not feel those emotions afterwards, we find ourselves in a deeper situation when we get caught because we couldn't face our issues.

When we think about what makes us cheat, its ultimately a disconnection between two people on some level, there are numerous reasons as to why we disconnect from our partner, not...

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