Can People Change?

April 26, 2017

Some people say "people don't change." I believe they do. I believe you can be good and turn bad or be bad and turn yourself back to good. If you heighten your sense of awareness, you'll be able to recognize your bad habits and the areas in your life that need polishing. In beginning of your young life, when we were little we were all good, then as life moulded us we adopted other peoples bad habits or good ones which, made us change. Analyze at which point triggered your change and the reasons for it, whether its good or bad.

People might say, "we are all different." I agree that we are however, we all still have goodness inside us, and we should remain good. Increase your positivity in your life and sharpen your great qualities, sweep away the negative ones that undermine you, and embrace your true character and being.

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