How to decide on a career? or do you really have to?

April 25, 2017

At an early stage in our young lives we think about what we want to be when we grow up, some of us stick to that vision and some us change our minds multiple times afterwards. For many of us, we can figure this out in our twenties make a decision and stick to it in hope that it will come to fruition and create some stability in our lives. For others, they are indecisive and can become stagnant not knowing which path will be the most suited for the type of lifestyle they want to pursue, its ok to be indecisive. its also ok to pursue a career and then not be happy with it later on. The fact is, we are made up of many talents and abilities, we are a creative specie with different potentials and we are allowed to get to know ourselves. 

We have our academic abilities, we have our talents and our creative side, we can evolve into different people and to our astonishment we can become very diverse with life.

What do you like to do as hobby? try it. What stimulates you? Conquer it. What makes you feel alive? Pursue it. We are allowed to like many different things, there is no wrong way to pursue life in this matter. I believe if you pursue a career  and focus on it you'll be great at it but if change your mind years down the road its ok too. Evolve! Get to know your potential, you are your greatest advocate.

I know I'm good at different things and I've pursued them and was great at all of them, I'm a creative person by nature and love creating and mastering my mind, Its moulded me in so many different ways and I'm ready for the next challenge. Enjoy your life in healthy ways by using your brain in any way you feel makes you feel content, who else will know your virtues if its not yourself. If you're still unsure, then ask your steadfast advisor, trusted friend, parents, or significant other what they see in you. You will be surprised or reassured which path you should be on. Evolve and enjoy your life even if its the smallest way, for example, you love nails and would like to have a nail salon, how about a a clothing line, a cafe, even if your a mother and you've never had time to grow into yourself now is your time, research your idea and pursue it, you'll be so much happier with yourself. Sometimes we don't know why we are bored or frustrated with life, this could be one of the reasons. Those new horizons are waiting for all of you, Evolve and renew!



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