Why do people cheat?

April 30, 2017


We are just not on the same frequency.  Many of us have different reasons or excuses as to why we cheat although, everyone's lives are different, we may think that our situations are unique. The emotions that we encounter through these life changing situations are the same. Those emotions are fear, loneliness, boredom or insecurity.  Over time, the excuses become the reasons of our actions when we don't deal with our underlying issues, and we all have them. We just become complacent because of fear or insecurity and we store them away. Perhaps we need someone to "fill in our gap" in any way possible to not feel those emotions afterwards, we find ourselves in a deeper situation when we get caught because we couldn't face our issues.

When we think about what makes us cheat, its ultimately a disconnection between two people on some level, there are numerous reasons as to why we disconnect from our partner, not evolving together is one of them but, we just are not on the same frequency anymore. Something brought you together so what broke you apart?  This article is not an excuse to cheat or expect someone to forgive those selfish actions, its for us to see those weaknesses and accept them so we can change. Eventually, you will become tired of feeling unhappy and you will find a way to change. Life teaches you to change, its there to help us learn about ourselves and help us evolve. Its important to find our happy place in life whether, we stay or leave a situation we are not happy in whether you are the cheater or not. In the end, our beings need to be balanced in all areas to feel complete, if we try to alter, modify it or strategize a new way to accommodate those emotions that are breaking our character, we will never achieve happiness and strength. We must remain good in all areas in our lives to achieve this, we are not perfect but we can polish ourselves to be comfortable with who we are and how we feel. To teach ourselves is to teach others.

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