How to handle a negative person without consuming their energy.

May 5, 2017


We have all had those moments or situations where we encounter a person that is negative. Its very difficult to maintain composure in these types of circumstances, we may also be experiencing some turbulent moments in our own lives to be having to deal with other people's issues however, its inevitable, we will have to face them anyway. Listen to the solution behind the issue, but most of all feel compassion. Energetically, the feeling of compassion is very powerful, it can deflect negativity and allow you to think positively, it allows you to think of the other person and not yourself. When you need to be a listening ear or control a situation, being compassionate is the key to a successful outcome with negativity. There will be situations that we will have no solution and are reaching there boundaries of abusiveness, in these situations you may throw a "life line" to that person so they can be aware of their behaviour and if they override that then you exit the situation. Patience is a key factor with everything you do and with negative people or situations you will learn to discipline this virtue. It creates a stronger side of your character and allows you to deflect negativity as well. Use compassion and patience to your advantage to strengthen your virtues and discipline your temperament, you will thank yourself and get to know a calmer you.

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