At what point should a person stop believing in something and face reality?

May 16, 2017

A great question from a viewer. Topic was "Dilemma" I Thought about answering this question carefully and how I could address it precisely without knowing any specifics.


When we analyze this question, its context could mean different things however, if we answer this question as it's asked we can sincerely say that, we are faced with reality when we align common sense and logic.  Some people think common sense is subjective, I believe our common sense is derived from our senses, those senses that we feel that allow us to differentiate right from wrong, we also apply our logic with these same sense but in a more scientific matter.  We use the term "align our words with our actions" to come to a more honest place and a place of more factual clarity.  If we believe something isn't working, we are sensing more negative outcomes and feelings from the action that is making us feel this way.  Although, we would like to feel positive about our plans, our actions or the actions performed towards our desired plans in some cases don't align with those positive feelings or positive actions which, is when we must face reality that it won't be in our desired favour as we thought and planned out in our minds rather, in a different format that we either can be happy with or discard completely.

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