Can social media effect your relationship?

August 16, 2017

Here's a personal story that I want to share with you guys, regarding the do's and dont's of social media.

The choices we make will determine how someone you're dating or interested in might look at you differently. 


So, this guy I met through social media (we will call him "Brad the brat") was interested in getting to know me. When I looked at his instagram profile, he looked decent and seemed like a nice guy. I went through his followers and following list to see if I knew anyone or what kind of people he was also interested in. I have to admit, he followed a lot of provocative women and most were all half naked lol. I found this a bit of a turn off as I'm not interested in men like that, who have no discretion, so that was a red flag for me. 

I asked him about it and he said "they're not half naked " lol another red flag, 

The following week I noticed he started following a friend of mine which, I thought was another red flag since he was interested in dating me, why would do that... I went out for a christmas drink with him and to say the least he didn't even show up with a $20 christmas gesture..To me, that's a bad sign, considering he's continuously said he was so smitten by me and wanted to spend the holidays with me and his first impression was empty handed. To give him another try without being so harsh after that I agreed to another NYE drink, and he again he shows up with no gift!, like what kind of man shows up empty handed around christmas and then NYE.. like make up for it damn it! lol I guess he's just cheap or doesn't have that romantic swag like other men I dated.  

Now I'm totally turned off, no christmas gift, no flowers, follows racey looking women and started following a friend of mine.. a lot of red flags... Ok, so I like to build my case before I exit so to make sure that your going down the history pipe for good and with no regrets. What made me conclude that he was acting like a sleaze bucket was, he followed a friend of mine which he completely denied doing and brushed it off with no regard. To my realization again he followed another friend of mine, which makes it 2 now and also denies following her because he said his friend introduced him to her a long time ago, which I also concluded was a lie when I confirmed with my friend that he sent her a friend request on Facebook and she accepted...




What kind of man, who is interested in someone starts following her friends on her social media?

What kind of man who is interested in dating someone shows up empty handed the week of Christmas, when that is supposed to be your first impression?

What kind of man lies and denies that he didn't follow anyone from your friend list?

A Sleaze Bucket! Who has no class! 


Conclusion, You can dress a monkey in silk, but that will still and always be a monkey!


P.S If interested in a girl, don't follow her friends on her social media, its not your business who they are until your'e introduced to them by her personally, and even then there are limits and boundaries. SMH


Good luck guys, don't make the same mistakes as this sleaze ball.

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