Don't lead a man on.

September 28, 2017

Don't lead a man a on. In every sense of the word. This goes for women as well but I will be discussing men's circumstances.


To get straight to the point, don't sleep with a man until you know you are content with his personality and lifestyle. This obviously requires maturity and if you are not equipped with that quality then do not date anyone. People's feelings are extremely important, it does not matter what gender they are, what is important is that, the people in your life will mould you in some way, positively or negatively. Why not spare them your insecurities? 

As they say "friend zone," well, stay there until you can maturely and consciously move forward to the next level where you can provide the other person with the fundamentals of a relationship. It really is not that hard, if you can think and feel without your ego/selfishness first. 


My second point is, make it clear that you would like to get to know that person first without any sexual or romantic ties. Friends first! your relationship will be much more stronger than you thought of if you can create a strong foundation first based on the spirit and mind. Control yourself! Again, this requires discipline. If you cannot tell the person these things verbally then, show them through your actions. Do not make sexual advances and go places that are obviously couple oriented. Do things friends do and act like one, ask the other person questions you would like to know about them, there are many ways you can show interest in someone without eluding to sexual expectation. Have consideration for each others feelings especially, if you can already see that person likes you in a romantic way. Besides, do you not want to know if that person likes you for you, and has good intentions for you and your future? Then go through the process.

Everything has a process, if you skip steps you will be headed for potential disaster.


Relationships can be messy at times however, you can at least maneuver through them following principles to avoid hurting other people along with looking like a user or a man-eater. 



P.s, Don't lead a man on, then become the victim. 

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