Precious moments, what are they and are they the same for everyone?

November 3, 2017

We all journey through life but we don't experience the joys of it at the same time.  Don't pressure yourself with societies "must do's" or their stereotypes and what someone hasn't done and what that makes you look and feel like. Continue on your path with optimism and happiness, people will have their ideals and opinions about life but, as long as your plans are positive and healthy along the way so, don't mind what people will say about yours.  We live in different times, as we are bombarded with different expectations and lifestyles, getting through all of your wants and needs can be challenging. 

People get married at different times, as they do have children. I know many people who have worked so hard for many years to start their family life at a later time.

We don't always have the precise blueprint for our lives and may encounter pitfalls that can slow our plans down but that doesn't make us any different or odd, so keep working at your dreams and you will have everything you need and desire. Precious moments are happy moments that inspire us, evolve us and makes us into quality human beings, and that my friends, doesn't have a date.









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