Planting Seeds

January 5, 2018


Everyone begins the new year with resolutions, some complete them and some forget as the year goes on. I ask myself, what kind of resolutions I would like to achieve this year, the first thing that comes to my mind is, to get rid of all the people who I intuitively know are sly with me... Why do I say sly?  because, I visualize them as a snake in the grass, those who lurk around to see my demise. I really have no use or place for them in my life, so I removed them from my social media, and surrounding social connections. They know who they are, they are those who do not wish me well and such I can feel. With that said, I've concluded a resolution in a matter of seconds lol. I actually feel good about it, I now feel that the people who are watching and surrounding me, mean well and have no ulterior motives in my life. It's quite refreshing actually.  My second resolution is going to be an academic accomplishment for my future, to further my career and to further my wisdom, in order to do that, I had to remove Facebook from my life and potentially whatsapp and Instagram, why? because they are distraction from the realities I want for my life and future. 

It's been a stressful year for me but i'm looking towards a more fruitful 2018. Planting seeds is all I can do, so when the end of the year rolls around again, I won't just be dancing and thrown up in the air by some handsome Italian guy name Francesco. Happy New Year


P.s. I can live without social media, who really cares who's watching and who cares if they care, they won't be by your bed side when your ill or old. 




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