Marriage, why do people get married?

January 16, 2018

Everyone approaches this union with a different mindset, some people marry because they want to have a family and a religious commitment is their choice. Some people get married to satisfy societies expectations and they do not evaluate regard the relationships compatibility at the beginning. 


If the relationship is great at the beginning and afterwards you disconnect, it's time to assess what went wrong, you went into the legal tie and religious union with a good heart, don't be so hard on yourself. Every relationship goes through its hurdles, it's up to you how you address your issues and how much love and devotion you have for your partner, will determine the outcome of your relationship. At least you didn't get

married because it was a good opportunity or because you followed other people's advice or direction.  


Lets not even talk about if you have kids... I mean, if you find yourself struggling through your marriage and you have kids, you're in a more difficult situation. You struggle with your unhappiness plus the feeling of pulling your family unit apart because there is no compatibility left to solve your issues.  What do you do?

You try your best to understand your partner but you cannot live a life of unhappiness and isolation because you're married. It takes two smart individuals to work through a relationship and its problems. Perhaps, you have not evolved together and don't want to anymore, but you still have to find a common mature solution so everyone is happy and calm going forward.

Assess your issues, maybe all you need is a break, perhaps the relationship is overwhelming you and all its expectations. Perhaps, you're just not in love anymore. People do change however, don't try and dodge your issues because they will catch up with you sooner or later....

You're often faced with a dead end situation and have no other choice that goes according to your character to step away. It's really your choice, you are entitled to live a life as well. 


Remember the way your relationship was in the beginning, did he or she marry you for your money? did they marry you because you were pregnant? did they marry you because they were in love with you?

Asses, is the key word here. Really though, why are yo getting married? be mature about your decision and act accordingly within it. When you make a decision regarding your relationship, make sure that you're sincerely happy and you aren't going to just stay together like two lizards in an aquarium and sabotage your happiness for everyone else.


That isn't what life is about and don't blame yourself for not making the right choices. we are not perfect but we can still be happy with our evolvement from our experiences.

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