February 28, 2018

If you've always listened to your intuition then you're lucky, some of us second guess our intuition and make mistakes then regret it.


Intuition is your sixth sense or in a religious aspect, its called the holy spirit. When we have been hesitant making decisions or were looking for an answer to our struggles, we look to our intuition, it is always present, some people can tap into it and feel it right away and some don't acknowledge it at all,  which by the way gets stronger as you get older.


How many times have you made a decision and you didn't listen to your intuition and today you sit there wondering why you didn't follow it when you had the opportunity, with multiple signs that is was the wrong choice. 





Don't act impulsively, balance the logical with your intuition, your spirit has a voice that wants you to hear what it's saying too.

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