June 8, 2018

Just because you get along doesn't mean your compatible for a relationship.  There are many facets to

​a relationship that creates a flow of compatibility, we think we know all the secrets until we analyze our own mistakes and realize what was important to have in our relationship. 


Having respect for each others ideas, feelings, thoughts and opinions are crucial to strengthening each others confidence. Feeling comfortable addressing your thoughts without judgement or criticism is important if you want to have a long lasting relationship. 


Many people don't understand that a relationship consists of various facets and if you fall short on any of them, you're headed for a potential demise in your relationship.


Just like sex, romance, respect, kindness, compassion, vivaciousness, patience, devotion, loyalty and commitment are all important however, many people can't keep up with all of them. Each and every one of these can be touched everyday at some point just by thinking about the other person but when you fall short over a long period of time on one of these is where your problems will arise.  


At the end, if you really like the person you must compromise when you have an issue but, if you ignore or dismiss it you will see what you've created in the end.


If you're planning to be a union, you should act as such, don't expect for the relationship to be convenient when you want it to be or think your looks is sufficient to keep someone interested. 



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