June 22, 2018

Being a father is a blessing, we grow up with memories of our childhood that are instilled in us for life.


Sometime's we don't always have the opportunity to bond with our kids for many reasons, may it be circumstantial or because the other parent refuses to give in. When we struggle with these situations we always want our children to remember us in any way possible. Time will only allow us to unravel the struggles from the past and begin to make the best of the future with our children.

I believe that we should look beyond our own personal issues we may have with the other parent, we should always think of making our children's world the happiest with their parents and look beyond our relationship downfall and look towards the child we made and make it the best we can. 


 Till this day he awaits for his son will be reunited with him and holds as many memories of him until he is old enough to reach out to him, so that he can be the father that he wanted to be but was not allowed.  


I have a story of a father that struggled being a part of his son's life due to irreconcilable differences with the biological mother, he has made great effort to be a part of his life but with no acceptance by the mother.


Being a parent requires maturity and unselfish love, in the end we want the best for our kids and want our kids to have our biological parents present in our lives so we can grow up with their support and love.


Here is a heartfelt letter from a father to his son that hasn't been able to see his son fro many years because the mother refuses to lay down her sword from the past. He holds an undying torch of love for his son from the day he was born.




Let's try to come together for the child's sake and look beyond personal resentment so that our children can live a life of fulfilment with both biological parents while they are still alive.


My support and love goes out to all fathers's experienceing the same situation and send blessings to them for a new chapter with their children.





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