Do you like being a schmuck?

July 27, 2018

Do you feel good being nice to people? Being positive an genuine towards other people brings the best out of you. You can walk away feeling greater and finding out the strengths that you didn't know you had.  


Do you like being a schmuck? Even though you might feel like being one towards someone who very well deserves it, you won't be feeling any better afterwards. Not only will you be overworked by negative energy, you won't excel mentally and you're undermining yourself as a person.  


If you want to get your point across, use constructive critisim and honesty to deliver your thoughts and feelings. Some people who are condescending might think that the other person may not realize how you are feeling but you are wrong, most people can at the very least grasp your energy.


Your emotions are very powerful, they can take over your sense of logic and turn you into a schmuck at times or a hopeless romantic but we hope it's for that latter. If you don't discipline your emotions and think when you're calm and proceed in a positive way, you'll be left feeling down and negative.


Embrace the positive charactertistics that you have and even if you think someone is a schmuck,


don't walk away looking like one because the only one who will feel like one will be you. 

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