December 22, 2018


I want to share a few thoughts I had this evening about the word freedom. this word represents freeing yourself from your old ways of thinking, feeling and living. You're a vivacious light with many gifts and perhaps your past ways have encaged you and have taken away from your light. It's time to break free from your old chains and walk in a different light, explore new ideas, let go of past hurtful relationships or situations and learn to not let anything or anyone consume you into negativity. This upcoming year is for you to flourish in many ways you have not known yourself to.


Ignite your mind to start thinking of the cage you've allowed yourself to fall into and assess yourself to see if you deserve to be there, chances are you don't. This time is for you to cleanse yourself from old habits, relationships that don't make you grow, people who are envious of you and don't bring you up and enhance your character. I've had my experiences with this I've learned a lot from letting go and putting situations behind me also, not giving out my precious gifts to fair weather friends and relationships. Learn and move forward, the people that have hurt you still have not learned their lessons. Believe it. 


Those are my thoughts for you tonight, respect your trueness and start living the life you deserve.

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